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Q: Do I need to be a G.I. Joe Collectors' Club member before I can sign-up for this figure subscription service?
A: Yes, you must be an active club member.

Q: If I paid for the GIJCC membership, does that mean that I will be receiving all of the subscription figures, plus the annual membership figure?
A: No. You only receive one annual figure for your club membership. The Figure Subscription Service is optional and an additional charge.

Q: Will payment be on a monthly basis for the monthly 2 figures releases? What if I want to pay for the 12 figures at once?
A: We will ship 2 figures per month for 6 months. The final shipment will have 3 figures. You can pay in full or in 3 installments.

Q: Can you outline shipping discounts on multiple subscription purchases so the buyer knows the costs up front. I expect that each monthly shipment of 2 figures could be combined with another set of 2 or more for a shipping discount and I want to know how many total subscription figures could be packaged together per monthly shipment and at what cost?
A: Shipping is calculated by total weight. If you have more than one, they will be placed in another larger box together. Only singles ship via the pre-pack shipping box. You will get to pick the service of your choice before you check out. It is not a flat rate but is calculated by the Post Office and the chosen shipping company.

Q: Can we have a service option where we just get the entire 13-figure set shipped to us at the end of the 6 months?
A: No. There is no way we can store that many items for different people. It would cost more. That's why we did 2 figures a month for 6 months instead of a figure a month for 12 months.

Q: How do I make sure to get the free 13th bonus figure?
A: You must subscribe to the FSS for the full six month service period and not miss your selected payment schedule.

Q: Why don't I see my favorite G.I. Joe figure in the FSS offerings?
A: Individual collector interest is varied over many decades of G.I. Joe. We offer the most requested figures that represent the different eras of G.I. Joe and club member interest. The FSS provides a variety of figures that otherwise are not planned to be sold at retail or appear in a future convention set.

Q: How were the 13 Figure Subscription Service offerings selected?
A: The GIJCC acquired data from our annual G.I. Joe convention surveys as well as from our membership on the Club Forums. We formulated a top twenty list of possible figures that could be produced with available tooling. We then collaborated with the Hasbro G.I. Joe brand team to review characters, deco and mold availability.

Q: Why do some figures have different colored figure stands?
A: Our International themed action figures have different colored stands.

Q: I want these figures and need to know how to order the FSS?
A: Notification is sent to all GIJCC members. FSS updates are posted on the website with available timeframes and ordering deadlines.

Q: What is the price and shipping options for the FSS?
A: This information is available when logged into the online ordering system.

Q: Can GIJCC members buy multiple subscriptions?
A: Yes. There is no limit as we will base our final production numbers on the total subscriptions ordered.

Q: If I order three subscriptions, will I receive three of the surprise 13th carded figure?
A: Yes. You will recieve one for every subscription ordered.

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