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Question: How are my G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club magazine issues mailed?
Answer: If you are a member who lives in the United States, you have two options. You can have your magazines sent either First Class or Third Class mail. They both mail on the same date, usually between the 22nd-24th of the month. First Class mail should be received on or before the 5th of the next month while third class should be received on or before the 15th of the next month.

All other countries mail are sent via an air carrier service to a central processing center in your country and then the issues are dropped into your postal system.

We have no control over when your postal service delivers any mail but we do CASS certify and process our domestic mail through the Post Office's AVS system to make sure your address is as accurate as it can be, and then we barcode each piece.

Service will vary depending on how far you are from Texas as this is where our mail originates. All mail sent on the same date is not delivered on the same date even if it is in the same city. Postal volume, sorting centers and local carriers all have an impact on when your mail is delivered.

Question: I did not receive an expected issue of the GIJCC magazine by the 15th of the month. Who should I contact?
Answer: These kinds of inquiries are best directed by calling our customer service or contacting us through our EMail Form. Please note that it takes several weeks for all members to get their copies, so you might want to wait at least three weeks after hearing the first indications that other members have gotten their issues before contacting the admin, as the post office may simply be slower than expected.

Question: How do I update my email account on the club website?
Answer: Click on Shop, log in, click on My Account, click on Customer Account Info, and then update any of your information such as address, e-mail address, etc.

Question: If I no longer want to receive club emails, how do I get removed from the contact list?
Answer: In order to use our online services part of the terms and conditions of your membership is to receive the club emails. The only way to not receive the emails is to no longer use the online services.

Click on the Click to Unsubscribe located at the end of any official e-mail you receive from the Club.

Question: Do you ship to foreign countries?
Answer: Yes...we ship products to club members all over the World. Please keep in mind that we only accept US funds. All products purchased from the club store will show available shipping options and pricing based on the weight of your items. We currently only accept payments with Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and money order (US funds only).

Question: Why are the postage costs higher for foreign members to buy from the club store?
Answer: We only charge postage based on weight and shipping from the US to foreign areas. All shipping facilities charge based on the weight of items ordered.

Question: When the club sends an update email to me, I see that it is personalized. Does this go out to the entire club or just to me?
Answer: Club updates or store updates go out to the entire membership. If you see a club banner at the top of the email, that means it goes to everyone.

Question: Do I have to wait until the month that my membership expires to renew?
Answer: Our system now has automatic renewal. For automatic renewal click on Shop, log in, click My Account, Click Customer Payment Info, enter your credit card information and choose Apply to Subscription. If you are not using automatic renewal, wait until two days after your expiration date, click on Shop, log in, add your membership to the cart and proceed to checkout.

Question: Is it possible to group pre-orders with items in stock to ship at the same time to save on shipping? Or if not, is it possible to have pre-order shipments grouped together when the release dates are within a few days of each other? Or do I need to wait until they're all in stock to order them?
Answer: Our current policy will not allow us to suspend orders. The best way to have all the items you want shipped together is to wait until they are showing to be in stock. However, please keep in mind that our inventory is live and occasionally we do have items sell out. The delay in ordering items could result in them not being available when certain pre-orders arrive.

Question: I have a G.I. Joe item and wanted to know if you can you tell me how to find the value and a buyer?
Answer: Values change over the years and there are many price guides in books and magazines available at your local library and/or bookstore.

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