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G.I. Joe: 25th Anniversary Exclusive!

Coming to the San Diego Comic-Con (July 2008), G.I. Joe will have two of the coolest convention exclusives ever! The first has been revealed on GIJOE.COM and for the second...the Hasbro G.I. Joe Team has given the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club an exclusive "ten questions" to ask before it can be revealed. Let the rumor mill begin!

We will post two questions a day - starting Friday May 9, at Noon (EDT) here at along with the answers from Hasbro. Then, we will show the exclusive at Noon on Friday, May 16th. Keep watching this site for updates, after all...knowing is half the battle!

GIJCC Question #1: Is the second exclusive a figure?
Hasbro Answers: YES.

GIJCC Question #2: Is the figure a G.I. Joe or a Cobra?
Hasbro Answers: G.I. JOE!

GIJCC Question #3: Does the figure have any link to last year's Destro or this year's Cobra Commander?
Hasbro Answers: No, it does not.

GIJCC Question #4: Is it a repaint of an existing tool?
Hasbro Answers: No, the tool has never been used before!

GIJCC Question #5: Is the exclusive another 3 3/4-inch figure?
Hasbro Answers: Shockingly it is not.

GIJCC Question #6: Is it a 12-inch Figure?
Hasbro Answers: Nope.

GIJCC Question #7: Does the exclusive feature one of the more popular or more obscure characters?
Hasbro Answers: One of the most popular G.I. Joe's and it is a male.

GIJCC Question #8: If it is not 3 3/4-inch scale, can you tell us if the figure is bigger or smaller?
Hasbro Answers: It is smaller.

**Bonus Question: Are you bringing back some of the unseen 2.5-inch mission scale figures?
Hasbro Answers: No we are not.

GIJCC Question #9: Does this exclusive only have a single figure in the pack?
Hasbro Answers: figure and one trusty sidekick.

GIJCC Question #10: Is this a one time exclusive or just the tip of the iceberg?
Hasbro Answers: It will be the first of many; it is a whole new expression of G.I. Joe that will be coming later this year....the whole line is amazing, but we will be off to a really great start with this exclusive.

We have waited all week...Click Here to see the 2nd SDCC exclusive!


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